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RS Browser Forensics
Cleared browsing history? Want to check which Web sites your kids visit? Not sure which browser they used? RS Browser Forensics will automatically recover and display Web browsing history items even if the browser history has been cleared and the browser itself was removed from the computer. Supports all major Web browsers. Analyzing the user’s online activities? Attempting to recover data from incognito/private browsing sessions? Require access to the user’s online accounts and social networks? RS Browser Forensics helps extract existing and deleted records and traces left by the users’ browsing activities.

RS Browser Forensics
Helps recovering information about the user’s online activities. The tool can extract existing and deleted browsing history records from most common Web browsers, access stored passwords and recover bookmarks and favourites. Even if the browsing cache was cleared or the browsing session occurred in Incognito mode, RS Browser Forensics may still be able to locate traces of the user’s online activities. The tool can recover deleted data by analysing the hard drive in low-level mode, automatically discovering all Web browsers currently installed and previously used on the computer.

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